MAMP PRO 6.6.3

MAMP PRO 6.6.3

MAMP PRO - это коммерческий, профессиональный фронтенд для классической локальной серверной среды МАМП. С MAMP PRO создается отдельный хост для каждого из ваших веб-проектов. WordPress устанавливается одним щелчком мыши и после создания страницы она публикуется непосредственно из MAMP PRO на Вашем сервере.

MAMP PRO 6 для MacOS содержит множество новых функций и улучшений. Главные обновления направлены на разработчиков, работающих с WordPress:

  • Публикация хостов WordPress на Live Server *
  • Импорт сайтов WordPress с сервера *
  • Перенос сайтов WordPress с одного сервера на другой *
  • Установка WordPress одним щелчком мыши
  • Скриншот снимки
  • Порядок хостов

Что нового:

Version 6.6:


  • As of this version, we provide separate packages, each optimised for Intel and Apple M1 respectively.


  • The selected PHP cache settings are saved correctly again.


  • The remote migration function has been improved.
  • Editor: Resizing in the diff view is now always possible. The option to disable has been removed.
  • Fixed: When changing tab size values, the corresponding popup window and the editor window are now better synchronised.
  • The selected PHP versions are saved correctly again

MAMP PRO 6 contains a wealth of new features and improvements to make your work as a web developer much easier and faster: Clone hosts, create and use Blueprints of hosts, use the new simplified Standard View for your everyday workflow, benefit from the vastly improved editor, or easily test your scripts with Mailhog and forget about configuring SMTP. These are just some of the new features in MAMP PRO 6.

Less, but better
MAMP PRO 6 introduces Standard View. Here you will find all the important settings that you regularily require. For experienced users Expert View holds all available settings.

Build once, use often
Develop complex websites or WordPress themes once and use them as a blueprint for as many sites as you want. With Plugins, themes, you name it, once created and configured, a blueprint is the perfect starting point for your future projects.

Mailhog - email testing, zero configuration
Nobody cares for complicated mail server configurations just for testing. Neither should you, therefore MAMP PRO 6 includes the popular Mailhog.

You deal in hosts, not sheep (probably). Nevertheless, we did teach MAMP PRO the art of cloning. It's the most comfortable way to experiment with different versions of a website or a WordPress theme

Improved WordPress support
The vastly improved WordPress support allows you to publish and import your sites faster and more reliably than ever. MAMP PRO even keeps your WordPress installation intact when you change the settings (name, port, SSL) of a host.

WordPress site migration
Do you want to change your hosting provider? No problem, just use our WordPress migration and easily move your site to a new provider. Of course, this works without disclosing any of your passwords.

Apache 2.4
In order to match your live server specifications, MAMP PRO 6 supports the latest version of the popular Apache web server.

Completely revamped Editor
The editor built into MAMP PRO is now based on Microsofts Monaco engine. It features diff support, a mini map for faster navigation, multiple selections, code folding and much more.

Improved SSL handling
When creating a SSL host all necessary certificates are created automatically.And web browsers supporting the macOS keychain won't even complain about validity.

Снимки экрана:

  • Версия: MAMP PRO 6.6.3
  • Разработчик: appsolute GmbH
  • Системные требования: macOS 10.12 и новее, 64-разрядный процессор
  • Язык интерфейса: Английский
  • Таблетка: K'ed by TNT (Требуется отключение SIP)
  • Размер: 494.41 MB
  • visit official website



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bolan 2 мая 2021 13:52
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Hi! MAMP PRO 6.3.1 is not work!!! (MAMP quit unexpectedly.)
softwar 3 мая 2021 08:18
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Цитата: bolan
Hi! MAMP PRO 6.3.1 is not work!!! (MAMP quit unexpectedly.)

*** Вам необходимо отключить защиту целостности системы (SIP), чтобы запустить выбранное приложение.

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