BookMacster 2.4.10

BookMacster 2.4.10

BookMacster - приложение синхронизирует закладки между браузерами: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Camino, iCab, Opera и OmniWeb, а так же в Интернет с Delicious, Pinboard, и Google Bookmarks. BookMacster поддерживает теги, комментарии и ссылки и в любой момент времени доступны в строке меню. Все закладки можно отсортировать по алфавиту, проверить на наличие "мертвых" ссылок, дубликатов и т.д.

Приложение поможет вам обмениваться ссылками через Интернет, с кем угодно и на любой платформе. Уникальный сервис прямого поиска из различных источников, в том числе: EndNote, PubMed, Web of Science, JSTOR, Google Scholar, Amazon, Library of Congress, arXiv и др., поможет найти любые данные только что опубликованные в Интернет.

Что нового:

Version 2.4.10:
  • Package now includes updated extensions: BookMacster Button version 28, and BookMacster Sync version 40. The new Button version fixes a bug in the previous version which caused extra processes to sometimes be left sleeping instead of terminating. Also, our apps have been changed to require these new versions for Firefox, Vivaldi, Chrome, Canary and Chromium. Opera must wait until their review and approval process completes :( Due to an oversight in previous versions, this versions will not be updated automatically by Firefox. Users will be prompted to click through the re-installation process. In Vivaldi, Chrome, Canary and Chromium, our extensions should already be updated because our new versions were published by the Chrome Web Store last week.
  • To play better with macOS 10.13 High Sierra, before importing from or exporting to Safari, our apps now only wait for apparent iCloud activity if the user has opted in to iCloud Safari syncing.
  • After installing an extension into Opera, it now works, even if user has not also installed one of our extensions into Google Chrome. (Before installing an extension into Opera, now installs a Native Messaging Special Manifest file into Google Chrome’s Application Support folder, as well as in Opera’s Application Support folder, because, oddly, the former is where Opera looks for it.)
  • Users should see fewer instances of Error 651507. (After analyzing data collected by testing Chrome and Firefox, we determined that there are rare outlier cases in which the last phase of an export, that which times out with Error 651507, can be delayed by macOS or the browser for a minute or more. The minimum timeout has been increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds when exporting for manually-initiated exports from within the application, and to 5 minutes for automatic exports initiated in the background by an Agent’s Worker.)
  • Before importing from or exporting to Firefox, now uses a different, possibly new indicator to determine whether or not a user who has opted in to Firefox Sync has its Bookmarks checkbox on or off. This different indicator has been found to be more reliable in Firefox 55.
  • No longer stops and issues a warning if a proposed export to Firefox will take too long and cause nonresponsive behavior while Firefox is running. Due to improvements in recent versions of Firefox, this is no longer necessary (and is instead annoying) for tne typical user who has not disabled Firefox’ automatic updates.
  • Fixed a bug in the Manage Browser Extensions window which caused the button(s) in the top row (usually Chrome) of each family (Sync or Button) to not respond to mouse clicks unless user clicked in the bottom half of the button.
  • Updated the built-in Sparkle Check for Update subsystem from version 1.15-ish to 1.18.1. There should be little or no user-facing effect.

Снимки экрана:

  • Версия: BookMacster 2.4.10
  • Разработчик: Sheep Systems
  • Системные требования: OS X 10.10 или более поздняя версия, 64-разрядный процессор
  • Язык интерфейса: Английский
  • Таблетка: Не требуется
  • Размер: 17.96 MB
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