EagleFiler 1.8.8

EagleFiler 1.8.8

EagleFiler - Программа, позволяющая собирать, организовывать и архивировать почту, веб-страницы, текстовые документы, изображения, PDF другие файлы из различных источников. Все файлы можно организовывать по папкам, добавлять к ним комментарии и заметки, прописывать тэги. А для безопасности всю эту библиотеку файлов можно зашифровать.

EagleFiler позволяет создавать, проматривать и редактировать документы встроенными средствами, или с помощью сторонних утилит. Работает с: Dropbox, Finder Tags, Fujitsu ScanSnap, Growl, Instapaper, iPhone/iPad, MailTags, OpenMeta, PDFpen OCR, Skim и др. EagleFiler - это наиболее гибкий инструмент на вашем компьютере.

Что нового:

Version 1.8.7:
  • You can now import to EagleFiler using the Share button in Apple News.
  • The keyboard shortcuts for the EagleFiler: Import and EagleFiler: Import With Options services are now Command-Shift-1 and Command-Option-Shift-1 because the old shortcuts using the number 5 conflict with the new Screenshot and recording options command in macOS 10.14.
  • When capturing from Microsoft Outlook or Entourage, EagleFiler now preserves the message’s to-do completed status as a tag.
  • EagleFiler is better at reading malformed mbox files.
  • Displaying AudioNote files is faster.
  • When importing mail, if EagleFiler skips a message because it’s a duplicate or marked as deleted, it will add a note to the mailbox explaining this, so that you don’t wonder why the message count is different from what you saw in your mail program.
  • When closing a library that has active operations in the Activity window, EagleFiler is better at waiting until they have been canceled, so it’s less likely that you’ll get the alert sheet about not being able to close the library because it’s busy.
  • Improved indexing performance by skipping certain file types that could be slow and didn’t need to be indexed, anyway.
  • EagleFiler now integrates with Hook.
  • Updated the How can I put my library on my iPhone? section of the manual.
  • The import text and import plain text script commands now let you create an empty document, e.g. if you want a blank file to send to another app for editing or to record some metadata.
  • Improved the Tag PDFs that Need OCR script.
  • Worked around a bug in macOS 10.14 that prevented EagleFiler from using Spotlight importer plug-ins, leading to Excel, OmniOutliner, and other document types not being indexed.
  • Worked around a Spotlight change in macOS 10.14.4 that prevented indexing from working.
  • Worked around bugs in third-party Spotlight importers that returned the wrong type of data.
  • Worked around a Quick Look bug that could cause hangs when clicking to view a record.
  • Worked around an issue where macOS would offer to Quick Look a link in an e-mail, but doing so would cause an internal error.
  • Worked around a change in macOS 10.14 to restore the highlight ring when dragging and dropping onto the records list.
  • Importing an ENEX file that references a missing attachment no longer causes an internal error.
  • Tried to work around a macOS bug that could cause a crash when closing a library.
  • When capturing from Microsoft Entourage, EagleFiler now picks a default folder name rather than failing if Entourage reports an error getting the folder name.
  • EagleFiler now skips over damaged metadata files instead of halting the import with an error.
  • EagleFiler now logs to Console if a file triggers slowness in a Spotlight importer, to help track down problem files and importers.
  • Fixed the colors in the quick entry text view when using Dark Mode.
  • Fixed an internal error when parsing an invalid e-mail date that could lead to a mailbox not being imported.
  • Fixed a bug where some MIME text was not decoded properly.
  • Fixed a bug where importing from MailTags 6 didn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug where the capture key didn’t work with MarsEdit 4.
  • Updated to Xcode 10.2.

Снимки экрана:

  • Версия: EagleFiler 1.8.8
  • Разработчик: C-Command Software, LLC.
  • Системные требования: OS X 10.7 или более поздняя версия, 64-разрядный процессор
  • Язык интерфейса: Английский
  • Таблетка: K'ed by TNT
  • Размер: 27.89 MB
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