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Профессиональное приложение для управления шрифтами, которое может использовать любой пользователь.
RightFont - менеджер шрифтов с красивым интерфейсом. RightFon предлагает различные возможности, которые помогают Вам легко управлять всеми своими шрифтами. B RightFont 5. наконец-то появилась библиотека шрифтов. Теперь вы можете организовывать шрифты и шрифты в библиотеке шрифтов и перемещать их в любом месте для совместного использования шрифтов или резервного копирования.


  • Доступ к управлению шрифтами в любое время непосредственно из строки меню
  • Отметьте любой шрифт
  • Создайте и управляйте списками шрифтов
  • Доступ непосредственно в Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, AfterEffect), Sketch и др.
  • Мгновенные результаты поиска
  • Предварительный просмотр изменения шрифта, размер шрифта в реальном времени
  • Найдите правильный шрифт быстрее
  • Легко отфильтруйте шрифты классификациями (Sans Serif, Serif, Script, и т.д.),
  • Шрифты Google и шрифты Adobe TypeKit перечислены отдельно
  • Легкая Интеграция
  • Вы можете использовать приложение RightFont с программами верстки.

Что нового:

Version 8.0

RightFont 8.0 is a substantial update that introduces a wide range of features and improvements, empowering you to manage and utilize your fonts more effectively than ever before.


  • Smart Tabs: Introducing Smart Tabs, provides you a quick navigation and comprehensive statistics about your font library, making it easier to find and manage your fonts.
  • New font filters: Three brand new filters has been added, allowing you to search for fonts based on font categories, font properites or languages. Whether you're looking for serif, sans-serif, script, or other font styles, you can now easily narrow down your search and find the perfect fonts for your projects.
  • Option to filter fonts based on their x-height and old style figure characteristics.
  • Introducing RightFont for Figma Chrome extension, designed to seamlessly activate missing fonts when working with Figma in your Chrome browser.
  • In addition to the existing search options, you can now search for fonts using font metadata. This includes font name, family, style, designer, and other relevant information.
  • Redesigned interface that uses the standard macOS toolbar for a familiar experience.
  • Font list displays icons indicating font format, such as OpenType, TrueType, PostScript Type 1
  • Option to show or hide the sidebar (for macOS 11 or newer).


  • Significantly improved performance for faster font loading, rendering, and overall responsiveness.
  • Enhanced font activation speed, allowing you to access and use fonts more quickly.
  • Optimized font preview options, including adjustable sample text and size, for better visual representation.
  • Optimized font caching for smoother performance and reduced memory usage.
  • Enhanced font metadata handling, allowing for more comprehensive search options based on font attributes.
  • Enhanced font activation status indicators for better visibility and management of activated fonts.
  • Refined font filtering options, making it easier to search and locate specific fonts within large collections.
  • Center the main window on the screen when launching the application.
  • Implemented auto-save functionality for the sidebar width when dragging it.
  • Enhanced font information display, providing more comprehensive details and metadata for each font.
  • Improved font activation stability, reducing the likelihood of font conflicts or activation errors.
  • Improved font synchronization with cloud storage services, facilitating easier collaboration and sharing across devices.
  • Updated user documentation and help resources for comprehensive guidance on using RightFont 8.0.
  • Optimized font metadata indexing, resulting in faster search performance and more accurate results
  • Refined font selection workflow, making it easier to choose and apply fonts to your design projects.
  • Improved font library navigation, with faster scrolling and navigation within large font collections.
  • Improved font sample text customization, allowing you to enter and preview custom text strings for accurate font testing.
  • Enhanced font preview rendering performance, resulting in faster and smoother font previews without flicking.
  • Refined font filtering by language support, making it easier to find fonts that support specific languages or character sets.
  • Optimized font duplicate detection, preventing the accidental installation of duplicate fonts.
  • Enhanced font style categorization, enabling you to quickly identify and select specific font styles.
  • Refined font activation UI, providing clearer feedback and status indicators during the activation process.
  • Option to toggle dark mode quickly by shortcut (Command-D).
  • Quick access to recently imported fonts by date ranges.


  • Fixed an issue where certain fonts were not displaying properly in the font list.
  • Resolved a bug that caused occasional crashes when activating or deactivating fonts not found in your font library.
  • Fixed a bug that caused slow performance when scrolling through large font libraries.
  • Resolved an issue that caused font library backups to fail or become corrupted.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the correct detection of font family or style information in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused occasional slowdowns or performance issues when using the font search feature.
  • Fixed a bug that caused occasional UI glitches or visual artifacts in the application interface.

Снимки экрана:

  • Версия: RightFont 8.7.0
  • Разработчик: RightFont Team
  • Системные требования: macOS 10.13 и новее
  • Язык интерфейса: Английский
  • Таблетка: Не требуется (K'ed by TNT)
  • Размер: 14.03 MB
  • visit official website



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MYST2002 10 октября 2019 13:34
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Это прекрасно!! Даже лучше, чем Extensis Suitcase!!!! Ждем версию 5.7.0!!!
noirdream 13 октября 2019 15:23
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Версия 5.7 пишет, что последнюю версию Mac OS не поддерживает, свяжитесь с разрабами.
noirdream 15 октября 2019 07:19
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Кто-нибудь может подсказать, как последнюю версию с Каталиной использовать?
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