Myary 2.4.0

Myary 2.4.0

С Myary вы можете легко и быстро написать свой дневник, проектную документацию или хронику. Myary предлагает вам свободу создавать любые типы текстовых коллекций, которые будут храниться в хронологическом порядке.

Что нового:

Version 2.4.0


  • all-new Distraction-Free Mode with extensive settings that can be adjusted directly in the active Distraction-Free Mode


  • improvements when adding assets via drag’n drop
  • when selecting a directory for a diary, a directory within a package file can now also be selected
  • animated start and end of the distraction free mode. If you don’t want animations, you can switch them off in the Myary preferences under „Reduce user interface animations“.
  • internal Textile parser: attributes can now be added to caption-, head- and foot-elements for tables
  • improves the behavior switching between text area and preview, so that the text area no longer has to be explicitly reselected when switching back to text area from the preview

Bug fixes:

  • internal Textile parser: fixes a bug that could cause Myary to crash
  • internal Textile parser: fixes a bug that prevented headings from being written across multiple lines
  • internal Textile parser: fixes an error that under certain circumstances adds br-tags in table structures
  • internal Textile parser: fixes an error when converting tables that could cause an abortion of the conversion
  • internal Markup Parser: fixes a bug for Markdown, MultiMarkdown and MarkdownExtra for numbered lists when using the tab character that could cause Myary to hang or to display no formatted output at all
  • internal Smark parser: fixes an issue with anchor links
  • fixes a bug that could cause Myary to crash when deleting assets
  • fixes a bug where the selection of the Markup-Language Textile would result in displaying an error message

Снимки экрана:

  • Версия: Myary 2.4.0
  • Разработчик: Xelaton Software
  • Системные требования: macOS 10.10 и новее
  • Язык интерфейса: Английский, Немецкий и Французский
  • Таблетка: K'ed by TNT
  • Размер: 6.98 MB
  • visit official website



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