File Buddy 10.0.3

File Buddy 10.0.3

File Buddy 10 - это универсальная программа для работы с файлами и папками на Вашем маке. Редактируйте любые данные, изменяйте описание, даты создания и редактирования файлов, ищите повторяющиеся файлы и папки, управляйте правами и пр.

File Buddy 10 представляет целый набор полезных функций, собранных в одной компактной программе.

File Buddy is the Swiss Army knife of Mac file utilities. First released in 1993, File Buddy features a wealth of functionality and powerful features that allow you to access that functionality quickly and easily. In addition to File Buddy's normal functionality it adds several commands to Finder's Services and contextual menus and allows the creation of droplet applications to automate tasks that would otherwise require you to open some window and configure the changes each time before applying them.File Buddy isn't just a powerful tool, it's a powerful tool designed to put that power at your fingertips as much as possible.

Что нового в версии 10.0.3:
  • File Buddy would report a -1426 error (operation not supported) when attempting to some non-Mac volumes, such as thumb drives. This was the result of Mac OS X not implementing support for those volume formats for the function File Buddy uses to search volumes. File Buddy now uses a different mechanism to search those volumes.
  • The Group Info window was not expanding to the correct size in Mac OS X 10.9. Fixed.
  • File Buddy would treat Regexp searches as normal searches if the only special character in the search string was a backlash. Fixed.

ОС: OS X 10.7 и новее
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: присутствует

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