Texpad 1.9.9 (680)

Texpad 1.9.9 (680)

Texpad это редактор LaTeX предназначен для простой навигации проектов любого размера. Когда Texpad открывает документ, сканирует через него, ища латексные команды структуры и любые включенные файлы, тогда он дарит Вам представление схемы, с которым Вы можете быстро переместиться по всему проекту.

Что нового:

Version 1.9.0:
This update focuses on speed and stability of Texpad. Much of the improvements have been made by rewriting both the viewer and and the internal typesetter to integrate directly with the graphics card using Apple’s Metal framework. This vastly improves performance of both the typesetter and the viewer as well as fixing a number of bugs. It has also allowed us to enable the viewer to support Dark Mode.

Minor features added

  • Dark mode for the viewer
  • CSV is editable in Texpad, and importable to Texpad Connect

There are fixes for

  • Autosense with
    • breakurl
    • bidi
  • Live typeset
    • Problem with TexpadTeX where it could malfunction during accent creation
    • Crash when indexing with TexpadTeX
    • Transparency layers in PGF/Tikz
  • External typesetting
    • Incompatibility with Biber >= 2.15 that would cause bibliographies to be missed when hidden folder was enabled
    • Issue with Miktex support
    • Issue that could cause Texpad to fail to find mactex
  • Editor
    • Cut and copy in the editor fixed
  • UI
    • Issue with hyperlinks in rare cases where they are specified as Fit in the PDF rather than XYZ
    • Issue that could cause Texpad to hang when quitting due to bad network connection
    • Visual glitch in Autocomplete window
    • Bug that would cause the suppress localisation manager option to not work
    • Jump of the viewer pane when a search result is clicked
    • Issue that caused the error pane to be unnecessarily shown after some typesets
    • Jump in text view when switching between tabs
    • Lag with line number view turned on in large documents
    • Typeset bar button
    • Issue with unresponsive toolbar is unresponsive in fullscreen mode on Big Sur
    • Jumping to files in the sidebar file browser in the case they are included

Снимки экрана:

  • Версия: Texpad 1.9.9 (680)
  • Разработчик: Jawad A Deo
  • Системные требования: macOS 10.12 и новее
  • Язык интерфейса: Английский
  • Таблетка: K'ed by HCiSO
  • Размер: 34.13 MB
  • visit official website



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