Telestream Wirecast Pro 9.0.1

Telestream Wirecast Pro 9.0.1
Wirecast 8 — программное обеспечение для онлайн видео-трансляций.
Wirecast предлагает доступное программное обеспечение в качестве альтернативы дорогим аппаратным решениям организации видео-трансляций в сети Интернет. Wirecast 8 имеет версию Pro с интегрированной поддержкой карт захвата Blackmagic. Кроме того, программное обеспечение поддерживает высококачественные видео форматы Main Concept H.264 и On2 VP6 Flash. «Чтобы производить и транслировать шоу, вам больше не нужно быть телевизионщиком и иметь соответствующий бюджет».

Используя Wirecast 8, с ее поддержкой карт захвата Blackmagic и форматом Main Concept H.264, можно за секунды создавать профессиональное шоу и рассылать его в любые точки мира». Инструмент живого видео вещания Wirecast 8, который позволяет Mac и PC пользователям создавать в реальном времени или просто когда требуется, видео-трансляции в Интернете. Новые функции включают усовершенствованные шаблоны lower-thirds (текста в нижней части экрана) и поддержку плат Blackmagic Intensity Pro, Decklink SDI и Decklink Duo. В дополнение к виртуальным 3D шаблонам, в Wirecast Pro добавлена поддержка HDV и IP камер, плюс стандартные функции регулятора звука с синхронизатором задержки.

Что нового:

Version 9.0:
NEW Features
  • NEW – XKeys 128 Support
    • Full control of layers, sources and transitions
    • Audio Mixer and Audio Preview controls
    • Start and Stop Wirecast outputs
    • Replay Controls
  • NEW – PTZOptics PTZ Control using Visca over IP
    • Control the Pan, Tilt and Zoom of PTZOptics cameras over a local area network
    • PTZ Controller window allows users to create and recall presets for fast repositioning of known positions
    • Assign PTZ Presets to shots for seamless switching between PTZ Presets
  • NEW – Add Source Menu Redesign
    • New dark theme
    • New Search Field to easily find sources
    • New Categories for sources
    • Favorite Category allows easy access to frequently used sources
  • NEW – Facebook Live – with User Cod
    • Authorize Wirecast to stream to a Facebook account without giving out Facebook login credentials
    • “Set and forget” workflow allows for minimal Wirecast configuration before each new broadcast
Fixes & Improvements
  • Improvement – XKeys: pressing the Audio Mixer or Rendezvous button should close the window when it's open
  • Improvement – Add preview/live status indicators to clear layers
  • Improvement – Add ability to drag shot layers in the shot layers table
  • Improvement – Disable preview throttling for front most document when app is front most
  • Improvement – Add drag image to shot bin on Windows
  • Improvement - Added option to run in "Safe Mode" – Hold down the CTRL+SHIFT keys during launch - allows user to determine if clearing preferences fixes a launch problem without clearing preferences yet.
  • Improvement - Allow 'Enter' key to add shot in add source UI
  • Improvement - Drag and Drop of File assets for Edit Panels Shot Layer Table
  • Improvement - If “Open last document on startup” is used and a document fails to load, a dialog appears on next launch to contact Wirecast support. This eliminates the need to clear preferences to exit the endless loop.
  • Improvement – Lower default keyframe interval to 2 seconds
  • Improvement - Remove 540p settings from Facebook encoder presets
  • Improvement - Rendering performance increased by improving lock usage. This change improves responsiveness in the UI when modifying complex shots in preview.
  • Improvement - Wirecast to warn user if classic mode (theme) is enabled
  • Fixed – Remove catmull-rom spline interpolator
  • Fixed – Web Stream crash when canceling IP camera authentication dialogs when other dialogs are open
  • Fixed – macOS Control Click is ignored with the New Add Source menu
  • Fixed – Indefinite Hang when sending two shots live then opening a playlist
  • Fixed – External Display Output Menu visible when no document is open
  • Fixed – Opening a document with many titles can hang the application for minutes
  • Fixed – Paste Text and Title Sources take a very long time to render
  • Fixed – Keyboard Shortcuts: Name field does not highlight automatically with focus
  • Fixed – Odd colors when re-importing Wirecast made 480p MJPEG
  • Fixed – Rapid selection of shots can result in improper tally state
  • Fixed - Fixed Rendezvous sources not pulling video correctly in Windows 7
  • Fixed - Web Stream and Screen Capture sources enumerating twice in the source selection window
  • Fixed - Immediate A/V sync issue streaming to Facebook if started after another output
  • Fixed - Indefinite hang when sending two shots live then opening a playlist
  • Fixed - After 20 encodes all outputs would fail to encode on macOS
  • Fixed - Adding sources should create copies of existing sources rather than references
  • Fixed - Blackmagic output colors are off
  • Fixed - Cannot add Twitter shot inside of playlist
  • Fixed - Changing playback speed for media does not change 'already live' state
  • Fixed - Chroma Key changes as different overlay shots are taken in and out of live
  • Fixed - Colors in macOS encoded outputs look washed out
  • Fixed - Deleting a shot always selects the "Clear Layer"
  • Fixed - Frame drop occurring upon adding titles in preview
  • Fixed - Hang when manipulating source while master layer visibility is off
  • Fixed - Hang when right-clicking and left-clicking assets in the Preview Canvas
  • Fixed - Immediate A/V sync issue in RTMPS Facebook output if started after other output
  • Fixed - Inconsistent deletion behavior when removing Playlists from the Shot Bin
  • Fixed - macOS encoded outputs look significantly worse than Windows
  • Fixed - Minimizing and then restoring a maximized document will disable the canvas rendering until Wirecast is resized
  • Fixed - Multi-Viewer can drop frames with capture card sources at 29.97 FPS
  • Fixed - No Web Stream configuration options if shot was previously cancelled
  • Fixed - Provide Feedback does not go to Form
  • Fixed - Sleeping computer and waking it while having media files loaded will make all loaded media files show black
  • Fixed - Solid color widget is transparent
  • Fixed - Stream will not automatically start YouTube event when checking “Automatically Go Live”
  • Fixed - Syphon server does not reconnect when opening a saved document
  • Fixed - The mouse scroll wheel in the "Twitter" "Message Feed" window does not work
  • Fixed - Triggering a Live preview swap mid transition will not queue shot to preview
  • Fixed - Unable to change the video adapter
  • Fixed - Windows Cuing live/preview swap while transforming source in preview causes crash
  • Fixed - Wirecast should not allow the computer to sleep while streaming or recording to disc

Снимки экрана:

  • Версия: Telestream Wirecast Pro 9.0.1
  • Разработчик: Telestream, Inc
  • Системные требования: OS X 10.11 или более поздняя версия
  • Язык интерфейса: Английский
  • Таблетка: K'ed by TNT
  • Размер: 274.82 MB
  • visit official website



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